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Personal Injury

Personal injury includes injury to the body, mind and/or emotions. Regardless of the cause, personal injury shares “one common thread”, a profound affect on quality of life. It is the affect on quality of life that deserves compensation.

Defective Products: Personal injury can result from a defective product. For example, the Toyota acceleration and crib slat cases. These cases, if pursued, are categorized as Product Liability Actions.

Because many defective product cases require a technical background to establish the defect, Ms. Maw’s background in biochemistry, physics, chemistry and biology can assist an expert in establishing liability for the defect and for the resulting injury.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: This includes automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and (even though not motorized) bicycle accidents. More than 27 years defending these types of actions gives Ms. Maw insight into how these lawsuits are evaluated and/or these types of claims assessed, both from a liability and damage perspective.

Premises Liability: The term used to describe when possessors and/or owners of land may be liable for injuries to customers, guests and trespassers. In addition to slip and fall accidents, premises liability includes, for example, a falling appliance causing injury, an assault on the premises, a defective elevator and/or escalator or a tainted food product. Having defended many Premises Liability Cases enables Ms. Maw to determine which cases have merit.

Toxic Tort and Chemical Exposures: It can be difficult to establish liability in a toxic tort and/or chemical exposure case. This is because the symptoms of exposure can be consistent with other injuries and/or illnesses not involving chemical exposure. For example, lead exposure presents with neurological symptoms, which are also consistent with other diseases. Having a biochemical background and having done research on the effects of toxic chemicals on the skin, liver and other organs makes Ms. Maw uniquely qualified to handle these cases.

Medical Device and Pharmaceuticals: We live in an age of “bionics”, whether because of aging or contact sports, the need for knee, hip and other joint replacements have become commonplace. An increase in “bionics” can potentially result in an increase in defective medical devices. Because of her technical background and professional and personal experience with medical devices, Ms. Maw has the experience to assist those who may have suffered an injury as a result of a defective medical device.

As a society, patients demand a “quick fix” for any illness and/or injury. Many times, new drugs which are released into the marketplace have been “fast paced”, as a result of which, testing isn’t perhaps as thorough as it should be, resulting in side effects that are not anticipated, not disclosed, or the drug just does not work for the purpose being prescribed. As a biochemist, Ms. Maw understands prescription drug reactions and interactions.